ShibaNova - The Daily Dividends AMM/DEX

What is ShibaNova?

At the heart of the ShibaNova project stands the philosophy to reward early investors by making them actual shareholders who receive dividends for their early adoption and continued loyalty. The way ShibaNova achieves this is by distributing the majority of the revenues from swap fees (75%) to a daily dividend rewards Pot (the Money Pot), to be distributed to all sNova holders. sNova, our reward token, is one of our two tokens (Nova and sNova), that can be obtained only by providing liquidity and staking the resulting LP tokens in a Nova farm.
Furthermore, this approach allows us to counterbalance the potential value collapse of farming rewards, that is usually seen in traditional AMMs such as PancakeSwap, as we return most of the value to our users in the form of dividends!

ShibaNova is DeFi 2.0!

We don't take ourselves too seriously (that's for TradFi!), so we sprinkle in a healthy dose of education and true community building - both locally and globally. The future of Finance belongs to the People - and we are building towards a full-pledged DAO to help shape the future of ShibaNova.
DeFi 2.0 is creating the new standard for SAFU! We have three completed audits before we launch - including Peckshield, arguably the most trusted name in blockchain security. And that's just part of our Strategic Security Stack! Everyday, our Team Members dedicate ourselves to evaluating/adding to our security features in order to provide the safest space to invest in all of DeFi!
DeFi 2.0 is creative - we embrace new ideas! Giving back 75% of all transaction fees collected in our platform as daily dividends to our shareholders is a revolutionary idea! We employ the most innovative solutions, including gamification, in order to produce results that exceed expectations. With ShibaNova, everyone wins - from the smallest investor to the biggest whales!
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